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Augmented Reality Poster Design

This Spotify poster design complements Spotify's summer 2019 "For the Ride" campaign. The campaign emphasized that Spotify provides the soundtrack to your car journey, and focused on the ease of the creation and discovery of popular driving playlists on the Spotify app. I designed a poster as well as a video to be used with the Artivive app, which blends print and digital art. The posters were displayed in Elon University's School of Communications and covered by the Elon News Network

poster mockup.png

The "WE SET THE SPEED" promotional poster emphasizes Spotify's primary role in our listening habits, especially while we drive. 

This short video created on Adobe Premiere showcases the ease of Spotify's user interface.

How to watch the video using Artivive:

1. Download the free Artivive App to your cellphone

2. Open the Artivive app and use the in-app camera to hover over the poster above

3. Wait for the video to load 

4. Enjoy an augmented reality experience!

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