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Just Wine

Independent Project

Type: Package Design, Branding 

Concept: The wine aisle can be overwhelming; it's easy to get lost in the endless shelves and the endless choices. With only three flavors, Just Wine makes your choice a little easier. It is a brand that highlights modern-day simplicity. With colorful,  yet minimalistic labels reminiscent of Pantone swatches, Just Wine is a match made in heaven for the aesthetic loving millennial in your life.


My objective was to design a wine brand and label that was simplistic but also stood out among the hundreds of bottles on the shelves. As I gathered images for my research and inspiration, I came across this Pantone beer packaging, as well as minimalist wine label design. These images inspired my concept and design solution for Just Wine

just wine bottles2.jpg
wine gif.gif
Just Wine Logo-02.png
rose poster mockup.jpg
merlot poster mockup copy.jpg
cabernet poster mockup copy.jpg

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